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Argentinian MalbecPremium Red Wine.£4.20£24.00
Bollinger Champagne

Premium Champagne

Pinot Grigio

House White Wine.

Pinot Grigio Rose

House Rose Wine.

Prosecco DOCG

Moinletto Premium Prosecco.


House Red Wine.

Sancerre | Sauvignon | France

13% | AOC | 100% Sauvignon grapes | Delicious

The Velvet Devil American Merlot, 2017 (Bottle Only)£28.00
Tip the bar staff?

We aim to please everyone at Arch 2, from brewing the beer to bringing it to your table.  Why not show you’ve had a nice evening through some gratuity? If you’d like to flirt with us in the order notes then please feel free, it gets lonely behind the bar sometimes.

All tips are shared out evenly amongst our bar staff, to tip the kitchen please visit the food side of the website.

White Wine Spritzer

House White Wine with Soda and Ice.